Networking to Come!

Once we have our village in development, we will begin to advertise and grow our network of professionals. Members will be able to promote their businesses and show how effective lifting others up can be for your business.

This network will consist of entrepreneurs and professionals from our local community. People looking to help others, whether it be through entering our mentorship team or donating funds to support. We need career options to let them explore and find the career that fills them with passion. We want you to be a part of building a legacy for generations to come.

How are we different from other non-profits? We are integrating non-profits, professionals and those in need to create a network of resources to fill more than just our own needs. We are building lifelong relationships and while the initiative is only one year, we will provide a lifetime of continued support through our network. 

It’s community over competition with us. We don’t have the typical Networking “one seat” rule. Everyone is welcome. We know that by supporting one another, we will all succeed. 

We need YOUR talents, YOUR expertise and YOUR support to make this a reality.

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