Program Foundations

Rescue Plan & Foundation

Through a set application process, to ensure we are working with women who truly want this help, we will assess each person prior to entry in the program. The program approval process will include drug screening, mental and physical health assessment, general assessment of immediate needs (i.e. clothes, medicine, healthcare, etc..), and signed Christians fellowship and house rules participation agreements. They will then be provided a safe living space to call their own. Our focus is currently towards ownership of a large piece of land with 1 main house for common use and multiple tiny homes. Once the women have been accepted, the program will be split into 4 quarters.

  • General life and computer skills will be established

Sticking to a schedule
Church on Sunday’s
Daily Exercise
Learn Google or Microsoft business suite
Credit Building
Financial Management Training

  • Our Professional Networking group of women will Present their Businesses for the Women. Each lady enrolled in the Misfits Program will then select their sponsor and begin training.

They will train 5 days a week with a mix of shadowing or in person/online learning.

We will assist participants in raising funds to cover their licensing, coursework, or education needed for their desired direction.

  • True Internship

After training has been completed, sponsors will bring the woman to begin either internship under their Role, or aid them in job placement.

Typically, in any new job, it takes approximately 6 months to feel like you have some clue into what you are doing and to develop the skill sets needed for success. Therefore training for approximately 3 months, and internship/work for 3 months, will be the expectation before we take them through the interview process for hire.

Once they complete their training, internship, and job procurement, we will allow them to stay in their home for 6 months to save money to get a place of their own. We want them to be set up for success, providing clear timelines and goals to keep them motivated. The primary goal of the program is for each participant to achieve a stable, Christ centered path, with all that is needed for independence and success.


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