The Redemption Initiative

The Misfits Moonshot Mission will enact the Redemption Initiative which will build a foundation of domestic life skills, financial literacy and an entrepreneurial mindset. We will help to show them that they are worthy and capable of becoming a professional and help them to create the life they’ve only dreamed of.

We will establish a village large enough to accommodate farming, farm animals, a couple large ponds for water sports and fishing, a private housing area for the women to live and an event space to create active income for them and the mission.

Women will run the village using the aforementioned therapies to help with emotional support and productivity.

They will earn an income by working various positions with the event space, allowing them to develop new skills and contribute to the success of our Mission.

The farm will show them the ‘fruits of their labor’ in a very literal sense. It will teach them that growth takes time and eventually provides a yield. They will utilize the food for themselves and for the events.

The ponds will ideally be used for things like fishing, paddle boarding, swimming and baptisms. Spending time in nature is therapeutic and will ultimately provide a place of peace and more importantly a connection to God. Any additional bodies of water will be used for events.

The private housing area will be secluded to provide privacy and security to our women. They will have the ability to retreat away from our event/training space when needed.

Through a set application process, to ensure we are working with women who truly want and need this help. We will assess each person prior to admission.

All women will come from our local non-profits as they “age out” from their resources. This way we ensure we are working with vetted and confirmed victims that are ready to grow personally and professionally.

We are currently in fundraising mode. We need a piece of land that is a minimum of 5 acres to meet our local land use requirements for tiny homes. The more land the better.

Our immediate fundraising goal is $500,000. This will cover land (budget for land to be determined by acreage) and development. Each tiny home will cost approximately $52,000. We have blueprints and a cost analysis available upon request.

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